Sustaining Creativity Podcast

Emile Pandolfi

February 08, 2022 Mari Reisberg/Max Peterson Season 1 Episode 97
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
Emile Pandolfi
Show Notes

Creativity through the lens of a pianist and entertainer

"Creativity means authentically being who you are"

Emile Pandolfi is a professional  pianist and entertainer with  over 40 years of performance  experience. One of the top selling pianists in the music  industry, he has recorded  and released over 30 albums,  including one with the City of  Prague Philharmonic Orchestra  (Czech Republic). Since his first  release in 1991, Emile has sold  over 4.5 million copies nationally  and reached more than 750 million collective streams online. 

Throughout his career, Emile has performed hundreds of concerts with thousands  of fans in attendance, including performances at St. Mark’s Square in Venice, the  Catherine Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Liverpool Cathedral, and Sydney Opera  House in Australia. While intricate arrangements of Broadway and pop standards  make up the majority of his performance repertoire, his influences remain more  classical than pop. It is his subjective layering of classical style, which he infuses  into the broad palette of his performance selections, that continues to resonate  with audiences everywhere. 

Although serious about his playing, Emile is never serious about himself and  believes that every moment at the piano should be one of joy. While his audience  is treated to a brilliant musical performance, they are also entertained by Emile’s  charming, light-hearted sense of humor and outgoing personality. From his early  performances on cruise ships, in piano lounges, and in the recording studio to  his current solo performance career in concert halls, Emile has used his music to  create an intimate and powerful emotional connection for those listening. 

Today, Emile continues to write original songs and arrangements for his fans to  stream. He lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with his wife Judy.  

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