Sustaining Creativity Podcast

Clint Arthur

April 01, 2022 Mari Reisberg/Max Peterson Season 1 Episode 105
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
Clint Arthur
Show Notes

Creativity through the lens of a Pulitizer Prize nominated author

"To be creative for me is to trust myself to speak my truth"

CLINT ARTHUR is Pulitzer Prize nominated author of 21 Best selling books, including Celebrity Entrepreneurship, Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV, and Wisdom Of The Men.
As a speaker Clint has shared the stage with Martha Stewart, Dr Oz, Suzanne Somers, Caitlyn Jenner, IceT, and five presidents of the United States at Harvard, West Point, NASDAQ, Mercedes, Porsche, Coca Cola, Microsoft, and AT&T.
He lives in New York City, Los Angeles, and Acapulco with his wife Ali and their Billion Peso Puppy, Nova.

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