Sustaining Creativity Podcast

David Wetmore

April 12, 2022 Season 1 Episode 107
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
David Wetmore
Show Notes

Creativity throught the lens of a mental fitness life coach

"Problem solving is what I do better than most. I have this big picture ability."

David is a mental fitness life coach working with individuals and organizations in a variety of ways. One-one transformative coaching with individuals is all about creating change at the deepest level of the self, the psyche. Finding out what are the intrinsic drivers and motivators and then figuring out how to best use them to create a life that is rewarding and fulfilling.
David works with business organizations to assist with solving complex problems that keep them from achieving their goals and aspirations. Together we work towards creating the dynamics for ongoing success using what he call Awareness Principles, a framework that provides an understanding of how the state of mind of the individuals affects not only themselves but the entire organizations and teams that they are a part of.
David spent 32 years, mostly as a consultant, in the air pollution engineering field working with industry and government to reduce emissions from manufacturing processes. Along the way he began spending a lot of time doing personal growth and development activities with some non-profit groups as a volunteer. David found this to be very rewarding and fulfilling and decided to make a career change in 2008 and by 2010 had done that.
Professional Accreditations:

  1. Certified Transformative Life Coach, Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy
  2. Empowered Spiritual Life Coach, Coaching From Spirit Institute
  3. LifeSuccess Consultant, Proctor Gallagher Institute
  4. BS Mathematics and Philosophy, Murray State University

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