Sustaining Creativity Podcast

Dr. EnQi

January 17, 2023 Season 1 Episode 158
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
Dr. EnQi
Show Notes

Creativity through the lens of a Naturopathic Doctor

"Being creative is harnessing a part of your calling as well as harnessing the now moment."

Dr. EnQi REAL, N.D., C.P.T., S.N., M.H., E.C.S.
Dr. EnQi REAL is a Naturopathic Doctor who is an internationally renowned Healer and has helped transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals to achieve greater level of health. Dr. Enqi is an author of over 30 books and is the Healer in the American Healer Documentary which premiered at Paramount Theater in New York July 10, 2022.
Lucky sets of twins 7 year-old Cailiegh & Aubree and 11 year-old Chloe & Caleb are 4 of Dr. Enqi’s BEAUTIFUL, BRILLIANT children witnessing Councilman Robert Scott cut the ribbon at this groundbreaking moment in history celebrating a new HEALTH INITIATIVE LAW PASSED for the 1st time ever at the premier of the American Healer Documentary with the local government officials. July 10th will continue to be perpetually celebrated every year as “Dr. Enqi Real Day” in honor of the many lives he has saved as seen in the American Healer Documentary.
Dr. Enqi has held over 1000 live lectures all over the USA including lecturing to groups of university professors such as those at Temple university Philadelphia. Students of Dr. Enqi have gone on to become healers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and positive health role models transforming their communities. The talented former student of Dr. Enqi, Carlie Green, is the producer of the American Healer Documentary.
Dr. Enqi was born in New York where his story began when he was obese and his heart stopped, had paralyzing stroke, yet fully healed himself just to later discover his greatest challenge of helping someone else survive after 3 hospitals told him there’s no chance of  making it out alive. He has treated people from all over the world including Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and Canada.
As an ordained minister, Dr. Enqi has devoted himself to sharing his divine gift of knowledge with the rest of the world with the goal of elimination diabetes as well as other chronic diseases he has helped reverse and documented. Watch the “American Healer Documentary” to see it to believe it….