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Keeping Curiosity Alive with Neil Mach

February 24, 2023 Season 1 Episode 165
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
Keeping Curiosity Alive with Neil Mach
Show Notes

Creativity through the lens of an author

"It's about just playing, it's simple hearted play."

Neil Mach was born and raised in England's "Rockin' Surrey." He enjoys bragging that he was born in the same year as the opening of Liverpool's Cavern Club, Elvis' performance at the Jailhouse, and Lennon and McCartney's first meeting at a church picnic. He has three sisters, though no brothers. During his early school years, Neil had instruction in ballet, tap dancing, and theatrical performing, so most of his role models were strong women. Although he was viewed as a Billy Elliot type character by neighbourhood boys (and his own father) he had plenty of supportive girlfriends.

Midway through the 1970s, Neil joined the Met Police in London, where he spent the next 35 years on the front line. He worked in various roles and in many squads and specialist departments. Neil amassed a number of accolades and distinctions, including several commendations for diligence and tenacity. He was blown up, fired upon (at least three times), and stabbed, all while performing his duties.

Upon retiring from the public sector, Neil concentrated on writing books. His stories usually feature strong female role models and the ideas of duty and loyalty. Neil has published nineteen (19) titles.

Neil is a frequent podcaster and blogger who enjoys talking about his ideas on where fiction and reality begin and end. He enjoys working with young authors as a creativity counsellor to encourage and foster their imaginative vision, improve their mental  imagery, and help new writers understand how best to use their mind's eye.

Neil and his wife of over 40 years, Sue, reside in a modest cottage on the River Thames in Surrey. They have two grown daughters, and two grand-children. Neil has a variety of interests outside writing. These  include cooking, gardening, and costume role-playing.

Neil believes his grandmother’s side affords him a Romani ancestry. He characterizes himself as a broad-minded Catholic. Neil read art and literature at the Open University. In 2012 he accomplished a degree level apprenticeship in Customer Service.

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