Sustaining Creativity Podcast

Sparking Joy with Susy Lee

March 14, 2023 Season 1 Episode 169
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
Sparking Joy with Susy Lee
Show Notes

Creativity through the lens of an author

"Now I think it's about expressing my inner thoughts or inner passions....making something new out of nothing."

The international prize-winning author of ‘Raising Kids Who Care: Practical conversations for exploring stuff that matters, together,’ Susy Lee lives to help families build a strong culture of communication and contribution. Her book won Best Indie, Royal Dragonfly and Feathered Quill Book Awards. 
An eternal student, Susy Lee majored in psychology and has a master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. This helped her consider how parenting and wealth equity play roles in social cohesion. Her eclectic career twirls around the twin themes of social justice and children. It has included state and national education and consultancy roles with children and families, international aid and development, and advocacy. 
Susy is an engaging presenter who has taught all ages from Grade 1 to University, and runs conference workshops for parents and families. She lives a bike ride from the beach in Sydney, Australia, dances whenever music plays, and has raised two caring sons with her generous husband Brian.

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