Sustaining Creativity Podcast

Creative Mindset with Jocelyn Chong

May 16, 2023 Season 1 Episode 179
Sustaining Creativity Podcast
Creative Mindset with Jocelyn Chong
Show Notes

Creativity through the lens of a sales and money mindset coach

"Creativity means you allow your mind to think openly."

Jocelyn Chong is a Sales and Money Mindset Coach, Multi-Award Winning Four Time #1 International Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker and Podcast Host.  She empowers service-based female entrepreneurs and executives to unleash their potential and embody wealth consciousness so they can attract the right clients, double their sales results and fall in love with their businesses. She has over 20 years of experience leading multiple eight-figure businesses and building high-performance sales teams in the banking and finance sector, with 15 years in leadership, governance and project delivery. She has been featured in many publications and is regarded as a Thought Leader in the banking industry. Jocelyn also infused spirituality into business, and her followers are growing daily. She is a heart-centred entrepreneur, a compassionate and resourceful individual who thrives on human transformation and loves to help others to create a life by design. She has been featured in Channel 9, Thrive Global, Digital Journey, FOX,, The Times, and Finance News World. When she's not empowering her clients, you can find her working on her self-development, enjoying nature, and planning her next getaway.